Are you a foreigner wishing to buy a house in Poland? KOSS Development is here to help you with the process

Are you planning to buy a house in Poland, but are afraid to get lost in the paperwork? Do you find it hard to grasp the complicated legal lingo? Don’t worry —  KOSS Development consultants will make your life easier and guide you all the way to your own house!

The project known as Zielone Pogórze has been designed to provide professional support to foreign nationals. We help foreigners prepare and file an application for the permit to purchase real estate in Poland.

KOSS Development consultants will analyse your legal situation, help you prepare the necessary documentation in line with the mandatory law — i.a. the documents related to the real estate (extract from the Land and Mortgage Register, proof of the designation of the real estate in the local development plan) or the seller’s representation. We will support you on every stage of the process, including the assistance of a translator/interpreter and a notary public.